Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3. Food and hamsters.

Last day of girls being at home before back to school tomorrow, so three pictures from me today - the first may seem odd to you, but it captures a little bit of happiness for me... It occurs once in a blue moon maybe; I can't remember the last time.

Sasha has white bread sandwiches and crisps every day, and has done for the last couple of years. Definitely her favourite food. For some reason she nearly always eats up to the crusts and leaves an L-shaped piece of bread - even though I cut the crusts off one end. If I cut all the crusts off (which I don't, as that throws her completely by being different) then she still leaves the L shaped pieces of bread. Well today she left only the crusts, not the extra L shape!! It reminds me that things CAN change, sometimes when you don't expect them to.

The next picture is a happy tea time one - both girls sitting at the tea table together; we don't get that very often. We made our own pizzas (well I bought the bases, I'm not THAT crazy!!) and the result was that Tamsin ate all of hers without complaining (another rare occurrence). Sasha had a couple of pieces and it obviously wasn't her favourite, but a least she tried.

And the last picture was taken brilliantly I think, by Tamsin. It was from our short trip out this afternoon to visit the school hamster, Candy, who has been staying with school friends who live close by us. Tamsin is beyond excited about when we get to bring her home (February), although I am less so now after seeing the nasty nip it gave Tamsin's friend!!

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