Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 50. A family photo at last!!

I wasn't really happy with this post today - I do love the family photo, but it was taken last night, and is only one of a whole load of pics I've snapped and loved this week.

So I've decided to update with a collage of this half term week which has been fantastic. The girls have been on top form and we've shared some lovely happy family times, so I wanted a bigger reminder of it:

OK so it's hardly David Bailey but at last we have a recent family photo! Amazing function, the self-timer. Made us laugh anyway!


  1. I love the timer function on my camera! Always manage to get someone leaping into the shot at the last second :)
    You asked about making a collage...
    Go to (it's closing so I'm looking for the best alternative.)
    Upload the pictures you want to make into a collage.
    Click Library tab and select collage.
    Select collage format from left hand side bar.
    Drag your photos from basket at bottom to position you would like.
    You can swap photos around using shuffle or manually drop a photo to new position where it will swap places.
    Save to pc.

  2. Thanks so much for this, you made it sound so easy... I tried, but it's no longer registering new users so don't think I can do it!!! :(